How Does CBD Works for Pets?

The ECS (Endocannabinoid System) has two kinds of receptors CB1 & CB2

Receptors are found in the brain and nervous system. 
Receptors are found on white blood cells, organs, and outside the brain.

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At Petaceuticals, our mission is to deliver superior pet supplements with the same premium quality we enjoy as humans and educate pet owners about the full range of health benefits that cannabidiol (CBD) hemp extract has to offer our pets.

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Our founders had experienced the benefits of CBD in their own lives, so we followed the science and research to understand the best ingredients to care for and comfort our pets with CBD too.

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We take great pride in developing pet products with the same quality we enjoy as humans.  With our meticulous manufacturing and quality control processes we find we often exceed regulations.  Our onsite research and development, chemist, and formulation teams add quality at every stage in our ISO 7 manufacturing facility and cleanroom. Consistent with our “above and beyond” commitment, all products are tested at an accredited third-party laboratory and certified for purity and potency.


• Lungs
• Brain
• Vascular System
• Muscles
• GI Tract
• Reproductive Organs


• Skin
• Spleen
• Bones
• Glial Cells
  (Parts of Brain)


• Immune System
• Liver
• Bone Marrow
• Pancreas
• Brainstem